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  1. Go to Edit Profile .
  2. Set up "Email Address" and " Confirm Email Address " .
  3. Click submit button .

  1. Go to Edit Profile .
  2. you can see "password" and "Confirm password" .
  3. Fill them up .
  4. Tap the submit .

to modify your Gender ,going to the "My Profile " ,find " Gender " and set up male or female and click " Update date Profile " .

to creat or change your Photos you should go to the "Gallery" and add new photos.also you can set a dwarflove profile photo and you can show your photo to friends ,public and just your self.

  1. Go to " My Profile " .
  2. Tap setting .
  3. Find " Remove Account "
  4. Click it .

if your image size is bigger than 3 mb , you can not upload photos . also the file must be a JPG,PNG. remember you can only upload one photo .

  • Yes,you can send messages in this dating site for example you can send a message to little women (dwarf women) or little men(dwarf men) from all countries and cities .for sending messages you should go to " send message " and click the " compose new message " and fill in the fields then click " send message ".
  • another way to send a message to short people you should go to user profile page on the best free dwarf dating site and find send a message and click it.

For meet little people first go to the advanced search and use filtering service of short people dating site and fill the forms based on city ,country,height, and age,then click "search for mach" .you are meeting little women (dwarf women) and little men (dwarf men) now !

dwarf love allows you to create a profile , upload a photo,find little people, meet little women or meet dwarf men , chat with little women and little men,meet little women and dwarf men in your area , recieve or send messages to other short people .

first , search the user and click the profile of the user and find "block user" into " interact box " and block the user !

  1. Go to My Profile .
  2. Tap the setting .
  3. Set "NO" from Email Notifications .
  4. Click update setting .

try use " Radius Search " and fill the fields then click " Search " for meet little women and little men in your area.

if you have dwarfism(all type of dwarfism) or if you want to meet little women(dwarf women,short women) or meet little men (dwarf men ,short men),
click on the link below to register .

  1. Go to Contact us .
  2. fill the forms .
  3. click the submit button .