Calcium-rich foods

 you little people should learn how to place calcium in your diet, even if you do not like dairy or can not consume it. Also note that  the amount of absorbed calcium decrease by advancing age  in the digestive system and the risk of osteoporosis is aggravated. So you the little people get acquainted with this nutrient for healthier the following , a list of foods containing calcium has been gathered for  the generous  dwarfs.


 10 jobs for little people


 10 jobs for Little People !

Finding a job is one of concerns for little people , because they cannot be employed in some jobs owing to their height. We were deeply involved with this issue, we spent much time searching on Internet to find some ideas to help such people to evolve their life. There are many little people who face such challenges, we are about to share some ideas, they may help them to become more hopeful. Actually their talents should be corresponded by presented ideas.




 this page describe  dwarf problems


Some of Little People Problems

Dwarfs form part of human society and based on specific genetic disease they have shorter stature than standard. Contrary to popular belief, They are talented and nimble. But, to flourish their talents they have many problems. These problems have imposed many inconveniences to dwarfs  life. This article has tried to address some of dwarfs problems.