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can you use midget dating word ?



 midget dating site





  don't use midget and don't refer midget dating word to dwarfs




Did you know midget is bad word ?


Insults and threats are of the causes of developing disorder and bad morals in human society . Most of people do not know how badly their bad speeches and bad debates affect the personal and social situation of the community . Sometimes these behaviors cause hostility among people. Awareness of the effects and consequences of bad words and recognition of these words may help to improve the community.We hereby tell you that using midget words or its combinations like midget dating and the like is bad for the little people .In brief , the use of these words dates back to 1800 to 1900 AD and such words had been used in places like circuses , etc . to mock little people.




What words are acceptable to little people?

Although some people used to joke with bad terms, but you know that the use of midget words or its combinations like midget dating and the like is not right for the dwarfs . According to a poll by our site, more than 90% of the users of this site refused to use the midget word .

You can use the following words instead of midget:


  1. dwarf
  2. little people
  3. people of short stature


If you have used midget words or its combinations like midget wrestling , in search engines and you may enter this site . you should know that these words are very bad for dwarfs and you should use the words listed above . In general for seeing little people near you or if you want to join the community . click on the link below and log in.