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   Registering on “” website and using its services means accepting and agreeing to all the rules of the website.

   1-We are not responsible for the accuracy or inaccuracy of the information entered by the users.

   2-We will do our best to protect your personal information, but since no site is immune to hacker attacks, in case of hackers Infiltration or Individual mistakes or losing your data(information) we will not be responsible for the disclosure of confidential information.

    3-Any activity reports in the following cases will result in blocking your account.

    3-1) being disrespectful to the members

    3-2) sending Spam

    3-3) creating a terrorist group

    3-4) Isis

    3-5) advertising

    3-6) pornography

    3-7) false Percolations

    3-8) providing virus and malicious programs

    3-9) providing posts that have a negative impact on the users

   3-10) any posts that are against our site

   3-11) any disturbance in services or malicious systems that may threaten our site

   3-12) Threatening the users

   3-13) any post or image that causes fear and terror in the users

   3-14) any activity that is a violation to international laws

   4-You may not share your password with others. In case you suspect that somebody is using your account, change your password immediately.

   5- we are not responsible regarding the following, and waive any right to object.

   5-1) Any accusation, claiming, losing the information, cell phone crash, the failure of communication systems with the website or our application, computer viruses,Malicious apps, spywares, mobile operator errors, internet defect, the amount of Internet usage, flaw in uploading and loading pages, and any other losses which are not predicted here.

   6- We are not responsible for checking your posts or upload. In case of any c made by the users and violating our rules, we will delete the posts.

   7-You have no rights about the use of the website, website content, and other related affairs.

   8- If a third party claims that the sent or uploaded content by you on our program or website violates their intellectual property rights, privacy or any other rules of  theirs,we have the right to declare your identity to a third party and if the claim is proven, your account will be deleted.

   9-We cannot keep the website active all the time as the website needs maintenance and fixing and sometimes there is a failure out of our control. In this case we have the right to suspend the website whiteout any prior notice and any responsibility. We even can make changes in the main features of the website.

   10-We have links from other websites in our website and this links are for information and advertisement. If you click on the links, you enter another website.These websites have their own private policies which we do not approve of. You are responsible for using these websites yourself.

   11-If the activity of a group or users is against your culture, report immediately.

   12-we are not an associate to your actions and will not sopport  any injustice or operresor.

    13- we have no responsibility or obligation tawards your data and information .registering or signing up is not mandatory

  14-According to our policies and governments, we can take over, delete, and block your name and account.No information on the site will be deleted due to a momentary backup in the main source of the site. If you delete any information, including messages, photos, etc., they will be deleted visually and will not be visible to other users. And they may remain in our backup Note that  we are not responsible for your information.

15-Our rules can change according to the economic and social issues and the update date is inserted at the bottom of the page and you can check this page for the latest changes in the rules.

 16- By using this site, you forgive us for any unfairness and injustice.

Latest Update: 2023-09-13