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 10 jobs for little people


 10 jobs for Little People !

Finding a job is one of concerns for little people , because they cannot be employed in some jobs owing to their height. We were deeply involved with this issue, we spent much time searching on Internet to find some ideas to help such people to evolve their life. There are many little people who face such challenges, we are about to share some ideas, they may help them to become more hopeful. Actually their talents should be corresponded by presented ideas.



  1. Authorship
  2. Weblog
  3. Making handicrafts and works of art
  4. Earning money via sites that present projects
  5. Become a good translator
  6. Earning money via designing a site
  7. Participating in sales cooperation system of some online shops
  8. YouTube gives money to little people
  9. Participating in the stock market
  10. Earning money via little people site




Do little people love writing? We all have heard about famous authors, there are many people who are pacing success path by writing books. There are many subjects and situations to be written about, from DIY books to stories for children. Little people can write books and sell them via shop websites to earn money.


Have little people  ever seen some people  who make money via weblogs? Dwarf  also can do it without initial capital, you can make  contracts to corporates and make content and advertising weblogs for them.

3-MAKIN handicraft and works of art

Little people can take part in instructional courses of making artificial flower, knitting, and sculpture to improve their skills. For instance you can paint a painting and sell it in an exhibition or a site to earn money.

4-Earning money via sites that present projects 

By going on the Internet, you can find different sites that pay good money for implementing special projects. By subscribing in such sites and accepting projects, you can earn money. For instance, there are sites that pay money for typing.

5-Become a good translator

By the advent of Internet, now we are in a global village. Communication with other countries is inevitable, besides communicating and investing in other countries, corporates need translators to meet their needs in considered countries. Hence, people of short stature should try to learn a foreign language to become a good translator to be employed by such companies.

6-Earning money via designing a site

 People of short stature can make shop and advertising websites by learning about CMSs such as Joomla and WordPress, they do not need to learn programming, mentioned CMSs have been designed in such a way that can satisfy your needs to start a website.

7-Participating in sales cooperation system of some online shops


Little men and little women  can earn money by subscribing in sales cooperation system of some online shops and getting a link and sharing it in social networks and websites. When an individual subscribes in considered site via the link you have shared, and that individual buys something, you will be paid a percentage of sale. You should know that the amount of percentage depends on shops.


8-YouTube gives money to little people !

No need to be a celebrity, dwarf can earn money via YouTube by a smartphone and a special subject. You can shine as a dwarf on YouTube. You would be paid by YouTube based on number of views. You should pay attention that YouTube does not offer such a possibility in some countries.


9-Participating in the stock market

By learning about stock market and analyzing its markets, you can become rich. By investing in international stock markets you can make money. If you do not have enough money to buy shares, you can absorb investors by your nice analyses. For instance, you can use authentic online currency exchange websites for investing in digital currency.

10-Earning money via our little people site

By increasing number of your followers and inserting google ads code in your profile , you can earn money in our little people dating site.

You can also find a job that has nothing to do with your physical condition

We hope these materials help you to find a good job. If you have any good ideas for little people  , share them with us. For finding and communicating with little  men and women you can subscribe in little people dating site.