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we want to make a little people dating app
we will create a little people dating app


Little people  dating app

We want to make a little people  dating app. There are a lot of dating apps right now. We try to be better than them (dating apps). This app is not only a dating app, but we will also provide features that it will satisfy some of   needs of little   people. For instance,in our team, we discussed  for the problems of little people, and one of these problems was the lack of jobs for them (little people), and we decided to add some applications in the future so that little people make money through it. We want to make a deal with several app maker companies to develop different parts of this app. Let's we learn about the features and ideas of the little people dating app.

1.Intelligent search

Intelligent search system is the necessary for every dating application. You will be able to find little men and women your closeness on the map by the search filter used in our dating application. Or  you can find little  people based on the age and city of the country, etc,Of course, all the features of this section are similar to our little people  dating site.


Privacy will bring peace and serenity for you to you can easily hide your activities or just display them for a specific group . it doesn't need that your friends know when you are wake(online) because you can hide your profile from their perspective!

3.Artificial intelligence

 Artificial intelligence will be counted as one of the oldest achievements in the technological world that it (Artifical intelligence) plays an important role in the users' lives around the world. We 're going to design artificial intelligence applications in little people dating app to  people offer you who are in common with you in terms of moral qualities. in our opinion, you can find your partner easily.

4.Make money(earn money)

 In this section, we are going to create a few good jobs for little people  , one of them is affiliate marketing. With this system, you will be able to make money by sharing the links that we introduce to you.the way it works is people go to the contracing site through your link and they(people) do registration and buying for trading (buying products),these sites pay you the commission.

You can also see some professional  ideas for little people

 5.Educational page

Educational page creation is another feature that we are going to putting it in application for little people .we want to discuss to a number of university professors and teacher to they(university professors) provide free education for little people voluntairly. with reference to page, you will have access to all these tutorials.

6.Reward system

 We reward three active members of the dating app annually.  The bonus may be paid as bitcoins or PayPal.


survey is one of the most important tools that marketers examine, using that market situation and their customers,in this regard,there is this chance that you create a survey for yourself and share with others.


a lot of pages  make in little people dating app, Share your own capabilities in those pages, or share a memory of one of your trips.

9- playroom

User can play in playroom, it is  One of the exciting and interesting features in this little people dating app. We want to work more on this part and we will talk to many companies to make this sector more attractive for you by participating with us.

We're  hoping  that this project and the ideas  be completed like the little people  dating site and  little  people use  its multiple possibilities. Right now,

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