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Calcium-rich foods

 you little people should learn how to place calcium in your diet, even if you do not like dairy or can not consume it. Also note that  the amount of absorbed calcium decrease by advancing age  in the digestive system and the risk of osteoporosis is aggravated. So you the little people get acquainted with this nutrient for healthier the following , a list of foods containing calcium has been gathered for  the generous  dwarfs.


Calcium is one of the minerals that there is most of the other minerals in our body. And it's essential for your health. Calcium helps to the strengthen bones and teeth and plays an important role in cardiovascular health and preventing osteoporosis. The dwarfs should avoid from arbitrarly consumption of supplements and  squander in calcium-rich  foods  because if your body's calcium levels increases it can cause fatigue, nausea, anorexia, constipation, depression, increased urination and kidney stones,and even can cause irreparable harm. According to the ODS, the daily requirement of calcium is 1000 to 1300 mg for an adult. However, this requirement may be different and even less ,the little people should visit nutritionist  For information on their daily calcium consumption.


Dairy Products Containing Calcium


dairy products containing calcium



Milk is a complete food and due to  calcium, plays an essential role in strengthen bones and teeth. A cup of milk contains 290 to 300 mg of calcium  ,Dear little people ,put  this complete food in your daily diet.



yogurt is one of products obtained from milk, in the dairy group, yogurt is like milk a very good source of calcium, a cup of yogurt contains about 240 to 400 mg of calcium.



Cheese is useful deposited food of the milk, which the water  is taken. More than 400 kinds of cheese are made in the world, and every nation has a variety of cheese  depending on its taste and cheese are made due to  closing the milk casein in favorable conditions. The nutritional value of cheese depends on the nutritional value of milk. Consumption of 30 grams of cheese gives about 200 mg of calcium to the body.



 Whey is one of the dairy products that has been condensed on concentrate. Whey is rich in calcium, so that every 30 to 50 grams of whey has about 300 mg of calcium, the generous little people notice that whey has more calcium than milk. 



Buttermilk  is one of the dairy products  that contains calcium. According to a nutritionist, a glass of buttermilk provides a quarter of the body's need for calcium.


If the short  people are allergic to dairy products, they can use non-dairy rich-calcium foods  in their the follow up of pages, we brought you some non-dairy rich-calcium foods.



Some  rich-calcium vegetables :


 Broccoli :

Broccoli  Known as a great  source of calcium, one cup of broccoli contains 180 mg of calcium.


 Carrot is one of the main foods in the culture of many people and is available in white and orange colors, it has  many minerals such as magnesium, potassium, and calcium.


 Spinach is a good calcium source .  The leaves of spinach are soft and triangular in green.  Also, the short people should know that this plant increases  absorption of calcium and can reduce the disposal of calcium from the urine.


Eating onion is effective in preventing osteoporosis because the onion prevents osteoporosis  By preventing the calcium deficiency in blood cells..

Lettuce :

 Like all other vegetables, it has minerals and vitamins, One cup of chopped raw lettuce contains 19 milligrams of calcium.



Some other rich-calcium foods:


Sesame Seed :

 Sesame seed is a good source of calcium, this nutrient seed has 3 times more calcium than pasteurized milk.

Soy :

 Soybeans are rich in vitamins and minerals such as calcium, copper, selenium, magnesium, zinc, and it plays an important role in preventing osteoporosis and strengthen bones.

The little people can make a good calcium-rich meal with this nutritious seed.



 Almonds are one of the types of nuts and are full of calcium. The little people can take energy by this nutrient because almonds are energizing and soothing.  One cup of almond contains 475 mg of calcium .



 The dwarfs should know that  fig is a good source of calcium and potassium too,Figs are one of the best fruits to increase bone density and preventing  osteoporosis.


As you the short people know , orange is rich in vitamin C, but orange is a good source of calcium, so that there is 60 mg of calcium in an orange.

Sardine :

 Sardines are small oily fishes with a lot of nutrients,This food is rich in calcium.

 absorption of calcium:

 So far, you  the little people are familiar with some  the foods of calcium.  Now, to better absorption of calcium, you need to obtain sufficient amounts of vitamin D, which facilitates the absorption of calcium and phosphorus from the intestine, so the ultraviolet (UV)waves activates a special substance in the skin, which is then converted to vitamin D.


We're hoping this article has been useful for you the dwarfs, also,can click on the link below to join the little people dating  .