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little people can drive when added some extensions on their cars such as pedal extensers and hand controls
You Can Drive Too !
Due to the expansion of cities and villages, the need for vehicles has become an important issue . On the other hand, due to the lack of sufficient funds for providing public transportation in some countries, most people need a personal vehicle . Using vehicles is subject to certain rules according to which individuals can use personal vehicles . In some countries, there are special rules for people with disabilities which by following these rules , people with disabilities and short statures can use their own cars . As we have already talked about the problems of dwarfs , one of the problems of dwarfs is their inability to use standard cars . The seats of these cars are not compatible with the ergonomics of their bodies , or the large diameter of the steering wheel makes the range of motion difficult for them in driving . Due to the short stature of short people , the height of the accelerator , brake and clutch pedals is high for short people (them) and short people (they) will not be able to use them .

How Can Little People Drive?

dwarf have to go through several steps in order to be able to drive.

  1. The first driving step of short stature people is to get a license . There are various rules for obtaining a driver's license in different countries . little people must obtain a license in accordance with the laws of their own countries. In some countries, special license are issued for dwarfs . One of the preconditions for obtaining a license is that they (dwarfs) have to equip their cars. For example , in some countries , license plates are different for people with disabilities and people with dwarfism, so that others take the necessary precautions when facing their (short people’s) cars .

  2. After dwarfs get their driving license , little people must choose the car that suits them. In this article , we have listed two types of cars that are usually used by little people .

A- Custom-made cars for dwarfs :

There are companies in the world that make special cars for people with disabilities . dwarfs can get a car according to their physical condition by ordering to these companies . For example, these companies design the car in such a way that little people can easily have the necessary visibility for driving and by using long pedals , they make it possible for dwarfs to use them . Also in these custom cars , the safety of little people are considered, but due to the fact that the custom car will usually be expensive , and also because the second solution is cheap , dwarfs usually choose the second solution .

How to choose a car pedal for dwarfs ?

B-Using pedals in ordinary cars for little people (dwarfs) :

Various pedals have been made for people with disabilities that little people can also use . With these pedals , short stature people no longer need to order little people special cars. The two common pedal cases are as follows .

    • Portable Hand Controls

      Hand controls are designed in such a way that you can control your car without the need for foot assistance and drive with your hands after installation on the car .The majority of controls can be fitted as either a left, or right-handed adaptation and Hand controls are various and can be installed on cars with clutches .Learning to drive with Hand controls is relatively simple and  little people can make all the difference in terms of retaining personal independence .


      hand controls help to disability people and dwarfs can drive
      Portable Hand Controls For Vehicles


  • Adjustable pedals extenders

    Pedal extenders are designed for those whose legs are a bit short to reach not a lot too short to reach.Height adjustment is one of the capabilities of such pedals . little people can adjust the height of  Pedals extenders by installing them on their cars and touch the car pedals with their feet. Installation of such pedals is very simple so that you can order  Pedals extenders online and install them on your car .  Pedal extenders allow dwarfs to drive So that With the ability to drive, little people, like others, are given the independence to commute to work, drive to University and go out with their family



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Pedal extensions are the logical solution for those who have trouble reaching a vehicle’s pedals




* Notice *

The world's standard cars are made for healthy people and therefore the safety of some of these cars is not suitable for short people. Short people should be careful to provide the necessary safety for their cars when choosing to drive with a pedal. For example, prevent potential risks by installing airbags that fit your body. But driving of short people has other problems , which we will mention two of them here .


driving of dwarfs has other problems , which we will mention two of them here .


  • The car refueling problem of little people

    One of the problems that little people face when using a vehicle is refueling . Fuel stations don't have suitable height for dwarfs and dwarfs can’t use them . And this is a big challenge for them. Unfortunately, ignoring people with disabilities and short stature is the main cause of this problem .We suggest municipalities and engineers to consider a special fuel station for little people . Fortunately , in some countries , station officials refuel for little people .


  • Lack of special driving schools for dwarfs .

    Unfortunately, in underdeveloped countries and third world countries , there are no special schools for short and disabled people which can help them in getting license . However , in some countries there are special driving schools where dwarfs can learn how to drive by visiting these schools. In these schools , cars are equipped to train people with dwarfism and little people can easily use these cars .


So little people can drive We hope you find this article useful. You can join our dwarf dating  through the following link . Also , contact us to present your problems through the link .  Hoping for a better and more comfortable life for short people .