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 this page describe  dwarf problems


Some of Little People Problems

Dwarfs form part of human society and based on specific genetic disease they have shorter stature than standard. Contrary to popular belief, They are talented and nimble. But, to flourish their talents they have many problems. These problems have imposed many inconveniences to dwarfs  life. This article has tried to address some of dwarfs problems.

Lack of support for little people in some countries

In some countries, especially third world countries, little people  are not under the supervision of organizations for the protection of persons with disabilities (Welfare Organization). Voluntary dwarf-men and dwarf -women acting out to establish support institutions for themselves. The physical body of the dwarfs has made them unable to choose a good job. This has caused they have encounter with economic problems in their lives and, unfortunately, no specific laws have been allocated to support and even provide health insurance for little people.

Lack of suitable urban facilities for dwarfs

Their inability to use urban services such as ATMs (automated teller machine), transportation services, etc, is another problem of short stature . Engineers and inventors need to think about the dwarf community and in urban projects provide the facilities needed for dwarfs to use the desired services. For example, they can install elevator buttons and power sockets in the lower part where the little people can easily use them. Or they can use folding stairs in the front of the banks to use ATMs.

Social Problems of little people

they live in complex social conditions, where they are ridiculed by some people; this cause to reduces self confidence, self-esteem and create a humiliation feeling in the dwarfs.

Some Dwarf Physical Problems

The dwarfs have different physical problems due to their specific genetic conditions; some of their physical problems are discussed below:



  1. Short stature with short upper and lower extremities, especially short in the arm and thigh .
  2. Restriction of elbow movement and restriction in its full opening .
  3. Shortness of fingers .
  4. Spinal canal stenosis (spinal stenosis) .
  5. Decreased muscle strength in dwarfs .


We hope you are familiar with some of the little people problems by reading this article. Click here to submit suggestions for solving problems of dwarfs. You can also join the little people site by clicking the link below and registering in this section. Find dwarf men and dwarf women easier, and keep in contact with them.




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